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Almost all people find themselves in need of storage at least once in their lifetime. Whether it is for moving to Ohio or simply decluttering their home for a while, a storage unit can be of great use. But, in order for you to get the best storage services possible, you need to work with reliable storage providers. Luckily, when it comes to storage Hilliard Ohio, Zippy Shell Columbus Moving and Storage is here to provide you with any and all storage services. We will happily help you store your items for however long you would like us to. Furthermore, we will give you crucial advice on how to prepare your items for storage so that they remain in the same condition throughout the storage period. And all it takes is a simple phone call!

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With proper storage, you will be able to store your items safely and soundly for as long as you like.

How to utilize storage Hilliard Ohio

In order to properly use storage services units, you need to be aware of how they work. While the procedure for getting a storage unit, once you have picked out your company, is pretty straightforward, we feel that we should guide you through it nonetheless. What you should be aware of right away is that if you hired us you are done with 70% of the whole complex and tiring process.

This is because actually finding reliable storage Hilliard Ohio can be pretty exhausting. You will need to look into many different moving and storage companies when moving to Ohio. All of them will offer great packages and discounts, but you will need to pick the one that best suits your needs. And you will never go wrong by picking Zippy Shell Moving and Storage!

Why pick Zippy Shell for your storage Hilliard Ohio needs?

There are many reasons why Zippy Shell is the best company for when you need good storage Hilliard Ohio. First, we have been in the moving and storage business for years. This has given us a unique opportunity to grow as a company, improving both our services and packages we have to offer. We have always focused on achieving a satisfactory move and giving you the best storage, and we believe we have succeeded in that.

To that end, our workers are tireless, kind and efficient. They always improve their knowledge and skills, and we work on improving our technology and materials. This way, we boost the safety of all your items in our storage units. So, whether you need residential movers Columbus Ohio or just someone to pick up and keep your boxes safe, we are your pick.

We are also proud of the variety of our services. For you, we have to offer:

What’s more, all of our units are safe and secure. Not only that, but they are well protected against pests, mold, and moisture, too. Basically, they have everything you will want out of your storage Hilliard Ohio!

Contact us

So now that you know why Zippy Shell Columbus Moving and Storage is the best choice for your storage needs, it’s time to move on with securing your storage unit. The first thing you need to do is to contact us. Do this before you start packing. Our representative will come over and talk to you about all the different storage options.

storage Hilliard Ohio - a sell phone
Get in touch with our agents for more information

The best part is that usually, our clients aren’t even aware of the options they have. We have already listed our main storage services, but we can discuss them in detail once you contact our representative. What’s more, if you have any special needs or requests about your storage, we can also plan those out in advance. As we already mentioned, we care about your satisfaction – and we will work hard to meet all of your wishes!

Once you are familiar with our services, you might want to rethink the way in which you are going to pack your items, as certain containers will allow you to use your storage unit in different ways. Packing always takes a lot of time, because you need to think about the proper boxes and ways in which you will pack. This can also be tiring and emotionally draining. Therefore, you should contact us the moment you realize that you require storage Hilliard Ohio. That way you will be able to plan it properly.

The right storage

As you have seen, here at Zippy Shell Columbus Moving and Storage, we offer many types of storage services. From military storage to student storage, we will have you covered! We also provide both long term and short term storage. Therefore, you need to check us out online or talk with our representative in order to figure out what type of storage Hilliard Ohio will be right for you.

storage boxes in Storage Hilliard Ohio
Figure out which type of storage Hilliard Ohio works for you, so we can provide you with the best service possible.

Sometimes, because of so many services that we have put on offer, people get confused about what they should pursue. This is why we encourage you to talk to us and our representative about what you expect from storage Hilliard Ohio. We are masters in logistics and planning, and once we get through that part, we will easily recommend the best storage for you.

This is important because it will save you from a lot of stress – as well as save you money. From time to time, people get bigger storage units in fear that they will not be able to fit all their items inside. In this way, they are spending way more than they need for a unit they don’t use too often. Sometimes, it will also be cheaper and more efficient to get just the right service for you. You can only do this after talking to experts and getting their honest advice and assessment on your items and the unit you need.

Storage units Hilliard Ohio

Once you have talked with our representative, we suggest that you pick a proper storage unit. Only by doing so can you truly figure out how to utilize one and which items you can store. As you probably already guessed, storage units Hilliard Ohio can vary in size and insulation. Some are more suited for short-term storage while others are better suited for long-term storage. There are even climate-controlled storage units that regulate the temperature and moisture levels of the storage unit. There are multiple options for you to choose from, and we will make sure that you get the best one for your storage needs.

art supplies in storage Hilliard Ohio
Keep your art supplies the way you are supposed to!

However, choosing the right one is not only important for saving your money. Some items require special conditions for keeping – like art supplies, for example. People often don’t know about these, and it is yet another reason why you should talk to us about what you need to store.

In other words, if you don’t talk to movers Hilliard Ohio and keep your items in the wrong condition, they can get ruined with ease. Then, you will have to pay more money to repair or replace them, than you would for the right storage unit. This is another reason why our storage Hilliard Ohio is the best one in the area!

How to pack for storage

Once you have figure out which storage unit you are going to use and for how long you are going to use it for, it is time to deal with the packing. What you should realize is that there is one thing that doesn’t change whether you use storage services in Hilliard or storage services in Columbus, Ohio. There is no safe storage without proper packing. Therefore, you need to know how to pack yourself. Go through our comprehensive guidelines and make sure to be thorough. A simple misstep in packing can have catastrophic consequences. You should also know that if you get stuck or are unsure how to approach packing something, worry not. We provide packing services along with storage.

Quality boxes

After talking with our representative you should have a clear idea of how many boxes you will need. There are many ways in which you can get boxes for storage. You can visit your local stores and ask them to save you some. Usually, restaurants and pubs will have great sturdy boxes in which they get their drinks. You can also look at shops selling fruits and produce, or pharmacies. Even if you find nothing in these, any local storage can give you some cardboard boxes which you can boost up with good packing supplies later.

couple putting boxes on the truck, ready for storage Hilliard Ohio
Good boxes will help you store your items safely. Especially if you plan to use storage for a long time.

The other option is to go and buy the boxes you need. What we always suggest is that you keep the safety of your items as your number one priority. Buying boxes might seem like an expense now, but if you are able to keep your items safe in this way, it will pay off in the long run. As always, keep in mind how much you would have to spend if the item got damaged due to a faulty box.

This is especially if you are storing your items for a long time. Do not let a couple of bucks make the difference between you safely storing your items and ruining them. Do yourself a favor and look into getting quality packing containers. That way you will increase the safety of your items tremendously. Plastic boxes are always better than cardboard ones, but they will cost you a little more.


After getting the boxes, you need to think about the extra protection of your items. Almost all of them will need padding and wrapping in order to survive storage. There is just no way around it. Make sure to get good quality padding and wrapping materials and that you use them properly. Every item needs to be protected from both weather conditions and possible physical harm. You especially need to do this is if you store fragile and/or valuable items. Only with proper padding should you expect them to remain intact throughout storage.

We also suggest that you talk to our representative about different insurance possibilities. Not all items should be ensured in the same way, and we would like it if you found the one that suits you best. Insurance is important, and it goes a long way to ensuring you can rest at ease. Even though Zippy Shell Moving and Storage offers perfect storage Hilliard Ohio, insuring your items is still a smart choice. You never really know what can go wrong, and sometimes the weather can just get out of hand – even for the experts.

a key in the door
Your belongings will be safe and secured in our storage units


Finally, you need to label your boxes properly. Make sure that the content of every box is clearly visible. Mark if the content is fragile and/or heavy. This will prevent moving mishaps that may cause damage to your items or may even cause moving accidents. Therefore, you should make sure to take care of it.

We are waiting for your call!

If you are not certain about how to approach it, give us a call. You’d be doing both us and you a huge favor. We will give you all the necessary guidelines for you to label your boxes adequately and we will do it with a smile. Then, our storage Hilliard Ohio team will help you plan out all of your moving and storage needs. Finally, we can get the supplies and the unit you need. All you need to do is sit back and rest, while our Zippy Shell Columbus Moving and Storage do the job successfully!

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