Should you get third-party insurance for your stored items

Storage PreparationOctober 12, 2020

So, you have decided to store some items for the time being. That is a smart choice when you want to preserve their quality or just to get some extra space in your home. Storage units come in all shapes and sizes, so you will surely find one that suits your needs. But, proper packing and storing is just a part of the process. Getting insurance can be a good idea as well. Here are a couple of reasons that will make you think about third-party insurance for your stored items.

What is third-party insurance?

Before we even begin talking about this topic we need to clear some things. The terminology behind insurance can be really hard to understand. This is why you need to know what third-party insurance is before opting to get it. This type of insurance is a sort of protection against the claims of another party. It covers the claims of damages and some losses that can happen. It is a good way to keep anything insured against any kind of troubles that can happen.

coins, pens and paper presenting a third-party insurance
Third-party insurance can cover a lot of items in your storage unit

Having insurance for your stored items is just a part of the steps you need to take to keep your items safe. Proper packing and proper storage units are a must. Sometimes it can be hard to find those storages. Luckily, there are some storage units Galloway Ohio you can count on. Renting a professional and good storage unit means that your items are being kept safe at all times in a good place.

What can third-party insurance companies cover

There are many reasons why people choose to insure their items when storing them.  The biggest one is that they want to keep them safe and know that if something happens, they are covered by insurance companies. Also, there is a list of items that the insurance covers:

  • Electronics, computers, and other office items and equipment. This is important if you have a lot of items from your business you wish to store
  • Bonds, deeds, and many other documents
  • Household items such as carpets, furniture, appliances, etc
  • Tools, machinery, plants
  • Collectible and other fragile items from your home

These are the basic items your insurance will cover. Depending on what kind of belongings you are planning to move and store, you will have to search for more specific insurance. But, until you reach that, you have to think about finding a way to move those items to storage units. The best you can do is find both moving and storing companies in one. This doesn’t have to be hard when you can find moving and storage Columbus Ohio with ease. Just pick up the phone and you will move your items to the storage unit without any issues.

What is insurance good for

The simplest way to tell you why you should get insurance is that your items will be safe and covered. According to the statistics from the FBI, a lot of storage units are destroyed either by arson or other negligence. Those units mostly come from companies that do not care for their items and storage units. There are also a lot of accidents that can happen and unforeseen weather as well. This can lead to multiple problems when storing items. Yes, storage can offer security, CCTV, and locks, but the full coverage comes with insurance.

calculator on the table
You are covered in case of damages

Having insurance is a good idea when you are planning to store your office items. Most of the time people who use storages for commercial purposes tend to store office equipment that is highly valuable and fragile. They come in large numbers so renters want to be sure their items are being kept in the safest places possible. Alongside insurance, you need to find good commercial storage OH for your items. The best thing you can do for your business is to keep those items safe and sound.

What kind of policies can storage companies offer

It is very important to know how and when you are covered when storing your items. Some of those insurances will reimburse you for the cash value of your belongings. But, on the other hand, these policies will often exclude the following items from insurance:

  • No motor vehicles. This is something you need to get from your car or motor insurance. Storage units companies won’t cover you for this.
  • Every reliable storage company takes care of their units. And you need to remember that damages inflicted by rodents, insects, or other pests can be excluded. So be careful when choosing a storage unit. This is why you need to separate items for storage before storing them. Remember this before you pack everything.
  • When items mysteriously disappear. Some customers can misuse their position and try to lie their way into getting some extra cash. When there is no evidence of a break-in, those items won’t be covered.
  • Very expensive items and important documents are also excluded from the insurance for obvious reasons.

Although these examples are rare, they are still valid. And you need to think seriously before getting into this. Storage units can provide the safety of your items. But there is one other thing that can do it too. And that is if you get packing services OHIf professionals pack your items for storage, you can rest assured they are packed properly.

Filing a claim

If something goes wrong, and hopefully it doesn’t, then you need to know about the proper ways to file a claim. Since this can be a serious issue, you can’t just write a claim like an amateur or a child. You need to know the proper steps of doing it and proper ways of forming it. Here you will put all the information you can about your stored items and explain what happens in detail. More detailed your claim is, the easier to get compensated.

person writing
There are proper ways of writing a claim

After reading our article, you should have a proper idea of why getting third-party insurance for your stored items is a good thing. We hope we helped you make the right decision. Stick around, there are many more topics we will cover that can interest you.

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