Post-move expenses to plan for

After the moveJune 8, 2022

A lot of people tend to think that their moving expenses are paid for before the moving day. But, the reality is a bit different. The worst thing you can do is spend your whole moving budget before you’ve moved. You don’t want to disturb your savings account for this situation, so be sure to stay prepared! Today, we at Zippy Shell Columbus Moving and Storage, have prepared a list of post-move expenses to plan for. So, before you decide to splurge on new furniture, let’s look at some of these costs.

A couple preparing for their post-move expenses


Before you move, you will need to see if you can transfer your utilities. Usually, utility providers meet you halfway and help you transfer everything you need. If they can’t do that, though, you will need to prepare to pay for installation fees. This is especially true for cable and internet, and unfortunately, these are the utilities people often need to change after moving.

Why are we mentioning this? Well, there are a few things to keep in mind here. You will need to cancel your previous utilities, and prepare the money for the new ones. No one would enjoy going to their new home, and they don’t have cable or internet. Also, if you are moving to a house, you might need trash removal services. Or even some professional cleaners depending on the state of the house. Most of these services, if not all, are paid in advance. So, be sure to think of them even before the move so you don’t end up missing something important. Additionally, this is the perfect time to rent bins storage Columbus Ohio, if you need them. Store all the items making clutter in your new home.

Food and necessary household items are among the post-move expenses to plan for

As soon as you arrive at your new location, you will most likely need food. Ordering in is a good option for your first night. You will be exhausted and you will just want to watch some TV and doze off on the couch. But, be careful to not fall into the trap of ordering food each day. It will prove to be very costly very quickly. Take the first day off and just enjoy your new home and recharge. But, as soon as you feel like stepping out, the grocery store needs to be your first stop.

Apart from fresh produce, meat, and pasta, think of the items you might not have. Often when we move, we don’t transport “unnecessary items”. This means that you might need salt, pepper, other spices, olive oil, soy sauce, etc. Also, remember that renting moving containers Columbus Ohio can be a good cost-effective way to transport some things we still need but don’t fit in the moving truck. You should also consider whether you have all of the household items you need. This includes toilet paper, garbage bags, cleaning products, soap, mops, garbage and laundry bins, etc. These are just some of the post-move expenses to plan for!

A fresh salad
Create some healthy meals for yourself. Moving is stressful, and you will need the vitamins to stay healthy!

Tip for your movers

You should calculate a tip for your movers. This tip should, of course, consider their professional behavior as well as how well the move has gone. But, it is pretty distasteful to not tip. So, be sure to set aside some money for their tip. After all, being a mover isn’t an easy job. And most of their job consists of a lot of manual labor, which we all know is extremely straining on the body.

If you haven’t chosen your movers yet, be sure to check out various moving quotes Columbus Ohio. Compare quotes of various moving companies and settle on one that offers realistic prices. Your movers will surely do an amazing job and they will be so pleasantly surprised by your tip. Show them some appreciation and make their day!

Vehicle costs

If you’re moving long-distance, you will need to do an inspection of your car. There might be certain repairs that need to be done. It’s so important to take care of this before you sit down for your long drive. You need to know you are traveling in a safe vehicle. Also, it’s much better to go to your already trustworthy handyman and let him fix up your car. At your new location, you might not still know who you can trust with your car. Try to think practically. Okay, you’ve checked your car, you’ve driven to your new home, what now? Well, now you need to fill up the gas tank.

You should also prepare to pay for parking for up to a month. Who knows if your new housing comes with a parking space or a garage? Until you decide what is the best course of action, you need to keep your vehicle somewhere. So, be sure to set aside enough cash to cover the parking. Renting temporary car storage Hilliard Ohio is also an amazing solution. Renting a storage unit for your car can actually save you quite a bit of money. Or just buy the parking permit immediately even though it is surely costly!

A mechanic fixing a car
Take your car to a trusted mechanic and prepare it for new, exciting adventures.

New furniture is one of the post-move expenses to plan for

You’re moving to a new, gorgeous home. Of course, you’d want to update your furniture! After all of the necessary post-move expenses to plan for are taken care of, now you can splurge on whatever you want. Perhaps a nice flat-screen TV is in your near future? Why not! Now, you call the shots, and you decide what it is you want. We’d still urge you to set aside some money even for this purpose. Only paying for the moving process can leave you feeling kind of down, but when you treat yourself with some new furniture, you’ll feel so much better.

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