Topiary Park

Topiary Park was once just a vision of James and Elaine Mason who dreamed of having a topiary garden for the Ohio School of the Deaf. Luckily, the idea came to be, and the park was dedicated to the city in 1992. It is thus historically known as the Old Deaf School Park, a name coined early in the 19th century. While the park is most popular among tourists who are attracted to many of the topiaries scattered throughout the garden, who’s to say that you cannot enjoy it? Especially if you just moved with your kids here, and want to show them something different and exciting.

It is worth mentioning that the garden is non-profit. There are many volunteers who take care of it in order to ensure that the stories thrive among the beautiful living sculptures. The garden is also equipped with educational resources. These serve the purpose of enhancing the visitors’ experience in terms of teaching them the history behind the park and its significance.

The Wilds

If you have recently moved to Columbus, you must have heard about the Wilds. And the beginning of the spring is an ideal time to visit it. During these wonderful days, you can enjoy The Wild Zip Line Safari that takes you across 10 zip lines, allowing you to see herding animals. I suggest that you do not skip on the horseback safari, fishing safari, and a sunset safari. Missing the beautiful views of the landscape and wild animals would be a true shame.

Now, if you are one of those people that appreciate unparalleled beauty, I advise you to take a stroll through the 10-acre prairie. That is the one that is full of flowers that attract a mass amount of butterflies. As you can imagine, it is rather hard to describe such a view and experience even with writhing skills as admirable as mine.

However, if you are more inclined to outdoor activities that include an adrenaline rush, The Wilds will not disappoint! There is a portion of this place dedicated solely to mountain biking.

A man mountain biking
Interested in a fun day spiced up with adrenaline? Try The Wilds!

Park of Roses

A romantic soul will find this to be one of the obligatory outdoor activities to try in Columbus. The Park of Roses is a park that consists of thirteen acres of paved pathways, teak benches, and whopping 12,000 roses. After all, the park didn’t get the name by accident. It also has herb and perennial gardens scattered amongst the rose shrubs.

Now, each garden has something unique about it. Take the Formal Rose Garden for example. It utilized an Italianate formal design where roses are grouped into symmetrical beds with a viewing tower and large fountain. You can also pay a visit to the Heritage Rose Garden that sits at the easter end of the park. Here you will see a showcase of what is known as old species of roses. The Park of Roses is free to all visitors and is a place that will help you welcome and admire spring with great ease.