Moving Services to Consider for a Long Distance Move to Columbus OH

Moving SolutionsJanuary 9, 2023

No one likes to move home. It is a complicated, costly, and time-consuming process. Sadly, you are bound to do it at some point. And when the time comes, you’ll be glad to hear that there are quite a few moving services that will make your long distance move much easier. Your long distance movers Columbus Ohio offers have a variety of services that are both affordable and quite useful. So let us go over all the things your movers can do for you to make your relocation a bit more enjoyable. It will be easy to have a long distance move to Columbus OH conducted in no time.

Begin With Free Onsite Estimates

This is something that most people overlook simply because they do not know much about it. Movers can provide moving quotes via the phone, online, or in person. And the last option is the most valuable. Firstly, it is a completely free service, and you’ll access it simply by communicating openly with your moving representative. If you ask them to stop by and evaluate everything onsite, your movers will do so.

Woman preparing for a long distance move to Columbus OH
Let your moving representative help you with the long distance move to Columbus OH

Upon arrival, movers will inspect your furniture and other belongings. They will check all the staircases, corridors, and doors inside your home to make your relocation safer. And finally, they will set up a loading dock and weigh your cargo. Once it is done, you’ll obtain the moving price, a relocation plan, and an offer for additional moving services Columbus Ohio has to offer and that can make your relocation even easier. So, do not hesitate and simply ask for onsite estimates.

Packing Services Are a Good Option for Your Long Distance Move to Columbus OH

Packing is the most important stage of each relocation process. And at the same time the most boring one. Firstly, you must obtain all the packing materials and then spend a few days or maybe even a week packing everything. This can be costly as well if you do not know how to do it right. So, people often let their Columbus moving companies cover packing instead.

This service is quite simple but incredibly useful. Movers will bring all the packing materials to your doorstep, pack all your items, load the moving truck, and unpack everything upon arrival. It can be a full packing and unpacking service or just packing. It is your choice entirely. Just know that this service is not expensive at all. At least it is not when you compare it with all the time, money, and sanity you must invest in packing. Hence, go over your priorities and figure out if you can benefit from this one.

Disassembling the furniture

Disassembling furniture is completely optional, and it depends on the furniture you possess. It is yet another affordable service where your movers bring the tools and disassemble furniture onsite. They’ll do it while loading the cargo, so your relocation won’t last long. This is a service that can make your long distance move to Columbus OH much safer. If you have furniture like a king-sized bed or big armoires, consider letting your movers disassemble and later assemble everything back together.

A couple assembling furniture
Most of us do not have time or knowledge to disassemble furniture. But worry not, movers will do it instead.

Are You Relocating a Business?

Now, this is an amazing service all business owners will love. And no matter if you are running a private business or a corporation. Your commercial movers Columbus Ohio can do it all. It is a service focused on the safety of your business and your investment. The goal is to have zero downtime and to keep your business flow intact. And almost all reputable moving companies offer commercial moving services. But you must check which company suits the most to you and your business before you delve into this process.

Simply research a bit online and read a few moving reviews. Of course, you will compare prices and services as well. Office moving is not the only thing you need when relocating a business. Other services can be nicely paired with commercial moving. But the most important thing is for your movers to possess licenses, tools, and experience. Luckily, most commercial moving teams do. Just find the right one and keep your investments safe.

Military Moving

Military personnel will have a great time if they decide to use some of the available moving services. Especially because moving companies offer special deals to military workers along with veterans. This means that not only that you’ll receive a premium service, but you’ll get it cheaper one as well. So, as you may know, military personnel move a lot, and some families even move several times a year. Those relocations must be swift and perfectly executed. In most cases, perfect timing is essential, and schedules are tightly booked. This means a military moving team must jump in and provide all services that are required in record time. All to keep your moving budget in order, and your family safe. But most importantly, to do it all safely and quickly so you can focus on your work and the task you are assigned to.

Full service package is what you need for a long distance move to  OH
Military personnel highly appreciate the full-service package movers can provide.

Renting a Storage Unit Can Be Helpful

Most moving companies offer a huge variety of differently-sized storage units with numerous perks involved. All you must do is call your movers, and give them the location you are moving to, and the basic parameters. Of course, you will rent a unit that can support all your boxes and furniture. And movers will take it from there as soon as you provide this info to them. Lastly, this service is highly affordable, and we are sure you’ll become a permanent storage unit owner once you realize how awesome it can be.

Moving to Columbus Is a Great Decision

If you want to live in a city, Columbus is a fantastic choice, because it has an urban feel, but it is not overcrowded. The living costs are minimal and the neighborhood is friendly. The median property prices are ranging from 25% to 35% lower in comparison to the United States as a whole. Furthermore, for everyone seeking to enhance their skills, there are several job and educational options. Finally, there are plenty of enjoyable things to see and do in your spare time.

Now you know how you can make your long distance move to Columbus OH the easiest thing possible. Your movers are here to provide all kinds of services. The only question is whether you need all or just a few of them. Figure this one out and guide yourself according to your time and budget. We are sure you’ll have a wonderful time working with your local moving team.

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