Military Moving

As a member of the Armed forces, you might have to relocate a lot. You never know where you’re moving to next, and you usually need to pack and move fast. Fortunately, we can help you! If you are a member of the USA military trying to move your home because of your job, let us know and you’ll receive special privilege during your relocation. Zippy Shell Columbus Moving and Storage provides special moving services perfectly tailored to assist our nation’s bravest when they’re relocating. So, don’t hesitate! Call us to provide assistance with your next relocation and you’ll have more time for your family and friends while our military movers take care of moving your home.

What are military movers?

As a legitimate and reliable moving company, we provide many services which can come in handy during your move. Military moving is one of them. Our team of experienced relocation specialists will assist any soldier moving their home in the USA. We consider that our country’s bravest deserve special treatment when it comes to moving. And so, we’re here to offer it, no matter the distance or the size of your relocation! Zippy Shell Columbus Moving and Storage will help you move to your next posting in the USA.

A line of marines waiting on an air-field.
Members of the USA military are always on the move. This is why we’re trying to make it as easy for them as possible!

What makes good military movers?

Not all military moving specialists are created equal, and some offer the same moving services but just call them military. This is not the case with us! We will make sure we meet your every relocation need during your move! Any moving problems you might run into, we’ll tackle! And finally, we’ll ensure your move is easy and stress-free for you and your family! This is what makes our military moving specialists the best in the business! So, whether you’re moving to a base close by or you need reliable long-distance movers, you can rest assured that we’ve got your back!

Of course, the service is not the only thing which makes military movers good or bad. Since relocation types and demands vary from individual to individual, a moving company will need to be able to meet all your moving needs. This is why good army movers should offer various services to meet your moving needs. Whether you want to get packing services in Columbus for quick and easy packing or you want to pack by yourself and have the movers transport your items, you should be able to choose! This way, you can perfectly plan your relocation!

Finally – reliability. This is the last, but the most important factor which makes good military movers. If you want to have a successful relocation, you’ll need to know that you can trust your movers. This is why our moving specialists are always sought after for military moves!

a group of soldiers training in the sand.
As in the field, so too at home! Our bravest know how to value reliability!

Why opt for Zippy Shell?

If you’re wondering about which military movers will fit your needs the best, you won’t go wrong with Zippy Shell Columbus Moving and Storage! We offer customizable and reliable moving services which are bound to satisfy your every relocation need. So, you can choose from our customizable relocation plans. They will allow you to choose additional services apart from packing and transporting your goods. For example, if you need reliable military storage solutions for your move, we’ve got your back! It’s super easy to have a successful relocation when you can fit it perfectly to your every need!

Apart from this, our professional movers are experienced in relocating any type of household or business. This means they can tackle any moving related issue on the fly and it makes them irreplaceable during any relocation! Because of their experience and the right equipment, our military movers can guarantee the safety of all of your items during a move. So, you needn’t worry about anything! Just relax and enjoy your move.

In addition to all of this, our movers are:

  • honest – you know you can rely on our moving specialists!
  • punctual – we know how important the timeline is for a soldier and for a relocation.  This is why our military movers will arrive on time and they won’t waste your time!
  • hard-working – our movers know that unless they put in the work, they’ll never be good movers. So, they work smart and they work hard!
a clock showing that our military movers will always be on time!
Our movers are punctual and reliable!

Last, but not least, we know how to treat the nation’s bravest properly! Our moving specialists will offer you the best service and the best conditions for your relocation. This is why many US Armed Forces members opt for our moving services every day! Because they know they can count on us to relocate their homes without any issues! So, if you need help relocating to your new home, feel free to contact Zippy Shell Columbus Moving and Storage and we’ll guarantee that your move will be successful and easy!

Give us a call!

In the end, if you’d like to hire our reliable military movers, please give us a call and we’ll estimate your move costs for free! In addition to this, you can contact us with any other questions you might have about relocation. Our specialists will provide all the help you’ll need – be it relocation assistance or just information. You can rely on Zippy Shell Moving and Storage to take care of your every moving need!

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Feel free to give us a call and get help for your next move.
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