How to tell your kids that you are moving?

How toMarch 5, 2021

Knowing that you have to relocate and needing to break it down to your kids can often cause stress and anxiety. After all, you don’t know how they might react and behave in the days before the move. But the fact of the matter is that you have to and that is that. Before you consider moving and storage Columbus Ohio, you need to figure out how to break the news to your children. You are going to need to find the best time and place to do so, as well as get into a positive and understanding mental state. You may also want to employ a bit of trickery to have an easier time of it, too. In this article, we are going to go over some of the best ways to tell your kids that you are moving, so you can have an easier time of it!

Things to consider before you tell your kids that you are moving

Here are the main three things to consider:

  • Pick the perfect time and place
  • Be positive and full of understanding
  • Get them excited before you tell your kids that you are moving

But you know your kids the best. If they are of sufficient age to be looking at dorm room storage solutions, you may need to adopt a more logical approach. You need to account for their tempers, as well. That being said, you still might want to incorporate all of the three above suggestions.


kid jumping on the sofa, mother siting next to the kid
Getting your kids excited will make it easier to break the big news.

Pick the perfect time and place

The first thing that you need to have in mind is that there is a time and place to broach the subject. You will want to have your kids somewhere where it will be easier for you to talk about the impending relocation. As for exactly where that place might be, that is up for you and your kids to “decide”. Every person is unique, after all, and there is no simple piece of advice that we can give you on this front. We can tell you all about what moving services you need to hire but you need to find the best time and place to tell your kids the big news. However, simply taking that into consideration is often enough to come up with a great solution. Give it some thought, you will surely come up with something!

Be positive and full of understanding

This is absolutely critical. You need to be positive about your relocation, no other way around that. When talking to your kids about it, you need to be able to shrug off all the negativity and bring positivity into the conversation. Additionally, your children might start to behave erratically after they hear the big news. You need to understand what kind of impact this has on them. Yes, the move is necessary but that does not mean they will see it that way straight off the proverbial bat. It is your job to keep your calm and understand what they are going through. They might not have the capacity to do so, but you definitely do.

father talking to a son
Patience and understanding go a long way when talking to kids.

Get them excited before you tell your kids that you are moving

Here’s a little trick that you can employ, especially with younger children. What you want to do is get them excited about something, preferably about a trip to your new neighborhood. Let’s say that you found a cool gaming room there and you want to take your kids for a trip. When they are having fun, this is the best time to say that you will be moving to the new area and they can play there as much as they want! Alternatively, you can do the same with any other fun event. The important thing is that your children are excited and that they are full of “positive energy”. Even if they have doubts about the move, the overall positivity is going to balance them out. This is, by far, the best method to broach the subject to your kids.

Do note, however, that the older they are the less effective this becomes.

How to help your kids handle the relocation?

After you tell your children about the move, they might experience a period of anxiety, even depression. You need to do all in your power to help them get through it. Some of the things that you can do are to:

  • Answer to all of their questions
  • Involve them in the moving process completely
  • Listen to their suggestions and let them pack, unpack and arrange their new room on their own

Involving them in the moving process by any means necessary is the best option, by far. Of course, that does not mean that you need to force them into it, just coax them a bit. You may even want to forgo packing services and let your kids pack their own room! This is the time to be overly supportive and check on your children a lot more. However, try not to “suffocate” them either. A balanced approach is what is necessary here. But the most important thing is that you listen with an open mind.

family packing for a move, little girl in a cardboard box playing
Your kids will be a lot happier if they are involved in the relocation.

Be supportive and help your kids adapt and settle in

Lastly, you are going to need to support your kids for months before and after the move. Provide additional support, that is. They might have trouble adapting and it is up to you to make it easier on them. Your job is to both tell your kids that you are moving and to prepare them for the move, as well as help them manage their new life. That being said, all of this might seem a lot more difficult than it actually is. In reality, most of what you need to do is to think about your kids’ needs. That alone will enable you to make better choices!

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