How to store items during a home renovation

Storage PreparationMarch 4, 2020

Every now and then, we go through the process of home renovation. It can be a lengthy and difficult process indeed. The best thing to do, when undergoing home renovation is to rent out storage units Pickerington Ohio and to place almost all of your items in there. However, the price of your storage unit is determined by the size of the unit itself, mostly. There are other considerations if you want to store items during a home renovation such as location, state of the storage unit, etc. but the main one is the size. In order to be able to acquire the minimum size needed, you will; need to get a bit creative with your storage techniques. There are numerous ways to make this process easier, such as rolling racks, stackable bins, labels, etc.

This article will be focusing mainly on those items and techniques that will make your item storage easier.

Store items during a home renovation – How to do it fast and easy?

In the list below, you can find most of the items and techniques that you will require for an easy process. While there are definitely more items that can help and more techniques that you can employ, we feel that these will work for most people, without needing to resort to anything else:

  • Rolling racks for clothing
  • You will need stackable bins
  • Store items during a home renovation – Storage solutions
  • Move everything out of the way
  • Store items during a home renovation – Pack room by room and label properly
  • Get assistance from a professional moving company


Use a rolling rack for clothing.

Rolling racks for clothing

You will most likely want to relocate a lot of clothes and place them in the storage unit. The best way to organize your clothes is to employ rolling racks, which will make the whole ordeal a lot more effective, thus making it a lot easier. These items will make sure that your clothes are just the way you left them. While they do take up more space, they serve as protection for your more valuable pieces of clothing. Don’t use rolling racks for every single clothing item. Use them for those items that you want to keep in the best shape possible. Clothes that you wear around the house unless you are really attached to them, can go in the regular bins.

And speaking of bins…

You will need stackable bins

The best way to store items inside a storage unit is to store them vertically. This will allow you to utilize all of the space that the storage unit has to offer. And for this, you will need special storage containers. Stackable transparent plastic containers are obviously the best type of container for this purpose, but anything that is stackable will do. Just in case, stacking means that you will place the bins on top of one another. Specialized containers will have grooves on the top, to match with the bottom of another bin. Thus, these bins are safer to stack than regular bins. While you certainly can stack your items in regular bins, it is a much better idea to employ specialized containers.

Store items during a home renovation – Storage solutions

Depending on how many items you have to store, you will have plenty of storage options to choose from. First, you can simply drive your stuff to a friend’s house for the time being. This is obviously the most cost-effective solution. However, you will have to impose on your friend every time you need something from storage. Depending on where your friend lives and what is their life schedule, this can range from easy to almost impossible. Then you can simply use one of the Columbus moving services and rent out a storage unit. This is a bit pricier but you will get the highest quality storage unit out of all options. Depending on the items that you need to store, this can definitely be the best option out there.

Secure your items, rent a storage unit close to your home.

Finally, you can rent out a mobile storage unit, park it nearby and simply move all your stuff there. This is highly advantageous, as you will be able to have unparalleled access to your storage unit. However, you will be responsible for the security of the unit. Depending on the neighborhood this can, again, range from easy to almost impossible. Some neighborhoods are really safe while others aren’t.

Move everything out of the way

If you are renovating only one part of your home, you may want to forget renting out storage space altogether. Of course, this assumes that the rest of your home has space for these items. Simply move everything out of the way, cram the stuff in the rest of your home and call it a day. You will have worse living conditions for a time, but if your renovations will not take much time this might really be the best option. You don’t even need to pack anything for storage and you will not need any packing materials. Perhaps some nylon sheets to cover all the stuff. Speaking of packing:

Store items during a home renovation – Pack room by room and label properly

When you have to pack your items for the trip to the storage solution of your choice, the best thing to do is to pack room by room. You will also need to label everything so you know which box contains what. If the only thing that you need is a cleaning solution, for example, you don’t want to open a lot of boxes to find it. You should have a box that says “chemicals and cleaning solutions”. Simply open that one and you’re set.

Use color markers to label each box.

Get assistance from a professional moving company

Finally, if you simply can’t be bothered by any of this, you can always hire professionals to do everything for you. Columbus Ohio has its own fair share of great moving companies and Zippy Shell Columbus stands among the top companies in the area. Of course, you need to do your research and figure out which company is the best match for your needs.

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