How to renovate a garage

How toMay 29, 2020

Garages are great but the truth is that garage spaces are often underused. This means they usually fit a car inside (or no car at all!), and large boxes of… well, stuff you have nowhere else to put. That’s why today we want to explain how to renovate a garage and maybe turn that space into something more appealing. So let’s see how and what you can turn your garage into!

How to renovate a garage without a large sum of money

The first thing you need to think about when you think about how to renovate a garage is to see how much money you want to invest in this adventure. If you do not park your cars and motorcycles in the garage, it eventually becomes a place for storage, mostly for unnecessary things. But you don’t really have to do this as there are great options for cheap storage units Columbus Ohio. In this way, you can save money by storing your items. And with a little work and creativity, a garage can become your new living space!

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When you think about how to renovate a garage is to see how much money you want to invest in this adventure.

Is there a simple way of renovating your garage into a new living space?

Well. simply put – yes, there is! Garages have become increasingly popular, and many interior designers are skillfully converting garage spaces into pleasant places to live. Whether you want to turn a garage into a living room or a dining room, the possibilities are endless and feasible even within limited budget ranges. The first thing you need to do before starting to renovate your garage is to look for reliable Columbus moving services – they can move your items that are lying around in your garage for ages. After that, it’s time for a renovation.

You can transform your garage even into a small home!

Want to know how to turn your garage into a living space in Columbus Ohio? Here are some basic tips that can help you out:

  • Choose practical and light furniture, because it offers an open and airy feeling in your new home. You can also opt for used furniture you can find on flee markets.
  • Do not ignore the vertical space, because it gives the height of the room. Try to see where and how you can put furniture here in order to create more balance.
  • If you can, try to use as more natural light as possible. However, if this is not possible, try to see where you can make more windows or add artificial light.
  • Define separate areas for different activities. Depending on how big your garage space is, you can make more rooms and even two bathrooms.

When you think about these details, you can use your creativity and imagination that will work wonders while renovating your garage. The more details you use, the better.

It’s all about the details

Once you clean your garage and make space for furniture, you can easily turn it into a colorful and cheerful place to live. By adding glass walls, you can create an open space that will still divide the garage into two different areas. Wooden floors add shine to the garage, while different colors on the walls make the garage a more beautiful place to live.

You can easily turn your garage into a colorful and cheerful place to live.

This kind of a renovated garage can serve several purposes. You can still park your favorite motorbike in it but also use it as a place to relax. If you just moved, you can ask Zippy Shell Columbus to bring in the furniture here. In this way, you can add a couch, coffee table, and bar stools. Make the storage furniture from stainless steel, which will give the garage an elegant look. For the floor, choose light-colored floor tiles that give the illusion of space, if the garage ceiling is low.

Rustic, modern or classic?

If you enjoy rustic interiors, then adapt your garage to that style. Concrete floor, wooden furniture with clean lines, and wavy walls give a simple but natural look to the garage. Bright colors and the right decor can make a garage a wonderful place to spend warm summer days in. With the appropriate palette of colors and elegant fabrics, shelves on the walls in a plum color and decorative curtains, you can create a beautiful summer ambient. Add navy stripes, interesting lamps, and give the garage a personalized feel. You can paint the garage door white, while the pieces of glass on the door will allow natural sunlight to go into the garage.

Adapt your garage to the style you like.

You can easily transform the garage into a modern living room too. Choose dark wooden tiles, which will bring warmth to the garage. Different shades of brown fabric and wooden furniture will define the character of your new living room. You can add turquoise to the brown color palette, which perfectly balances with brown shades, while orange and red fabrics will bring a fiery touch to your living room. Choose elegant furniture, which gives the garage a visual space, which is important in small spaces. Pay special attention to air conditioning and lighting.

To sum up

When you renovate a garage, you could face many difficulties while adapting it for various reasons. Solve imperfections on the walls and floor by using various decorative techniques. It is not easy to change the dimensions of your garage, but your imagination can transform even the most inconspicuous garage into a beautiful and modern space that you will make the most of. So just enjoy the process and good luck!

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