How to read a moving contract with caution

Moving SolutionsDecember 13, 2022

If you opt for storage Columbus Ohio has to offer, you will gain a lot of benefits. There are many pros, like saving time and energy, as well as the safety of your belongings. However, movers will always ask you to sign a contract. Since there are some scammers out there and you can lose money in case you don’t read the contract properly, let us help you learn how to read a moving contract with caution. That way you’ll make sure you don’t get scammed.

Read the description of the services

Most contracts begin with this paragraph. That’s where the company lists all of the services they’ll be providing during your relocation. So, if you asked for moving quotes Columbus Ohio companies can give, you’ll see it on paper. Also, if they did the packing for you, it will be on the list. So, it’s a great way to have everything in front of you. You will also see the starting location, as well as the final destination in this paragraph.

A woman is reading a contract.
If you want to read a moving contract with caution, you should pay special attention to the second paragraph since it contains the most important details regarding the relocation.

Pay attention to the scope of services if you want to read a moving contract with caution

  • This paragraph is something like a timeline of the whole project. You’ll be able to see everything in detail.
  • This is the part where both parties express their expectations so each of them can meet those expectations.

Another good reason for this paragraph is that it explains everyone’s responsibility better. For example, the first paragraph will just talk about packing. However, this paragraph will go into detail and explain that your things should be packed before long distance movers Columbus Ohio arrive to pick them up. It usually also includes the part where the service provider agrees they will do everything in their power to protect your items during the transportation process.

There’s also the payment

In this paragraph, the service providers will include everything regarding the price. Stuff like how much you should pay, when you should pay, and what happens if you don’t pay. You should especially pay attention to this paragraph when trying to read a moving contract with caution. There will be a breakdown of how all of the services will be priced and which of the services, like moving and storage Columbus Ohio, you used. So, if you have doubts or questions about anything related to money, this is the paragraph you should read. Pay special attention to this part. Once you sign it, you have agreed to pay the amount that’s stated in the contract.

A person is signing a contract.
Don’t sign anything until you read the moving contract with caution.

Make sure you understand additional charges

While it’s not common, sometimes movers misuse this part. It’s usually written in smaller letters and it exists in case there are some extra expenses. Maybe the movers have to wait for you, or maybe they have to pack some stuff you didn’t pack yourself. Also, bigger vehicles spend more fuel than smaller ones. That’s another reason to see every additional charge they might add. If you do everything properly, you will be ready to read a moving contract with caution.

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