How to pack your wine collection

Packing GuideApril 3, 2021

Moving can be stressful. But when you need to pack your wine collection and move it – it can really become overwhelming. You need to prepare, pack and move your wine collection, and the worst thing is that it can easily get damaged. Usually, people choose only the best moving companies Columbus Ohio to help them move their wines. Wine collection can be considered as a specialty item since it really requires a lot of skills when it comes to packing, and a lot of attention when moving. 

Before you pack your wine collection – get it appraised

Packing your wine collection is not only about safety. You need to know how worth is your collection. In case something happens, or some of the bottles break – you will have an appraisal that will ensure you are not at a loss. Once you know the current and real value of your wine collection, you can make the next step. Depending on the type of your move, you will have to decide will you place it in storage units Pickerington Ohio or you will move it with you right away. You have one goal and that is to keep your wine collection intact.

calculator for getting a price before you start to pack your wine collection
Get an appraisal before you move your wine collection

Make an inventory

before you start packing your wine collection you should make an inventory. Ideally, you should create a rather detailed list. You need to write down the name of the wine, type, value and you should take a picture. It will help you to check if the bottle arrived at your new home in the same condition. Also, inventory will give you a clear picture of how many wines do you have and what is the best course of action – should you keep them or gift part of them. Also, you will be able to determine do you need packing services or you can pack them on your own. The inventory list might also remind you of some forgotten wines!

Should you hire professionals to help you move and pack your wine collection?

One of the biggest questions, when you are moving, is definitely the one about professional help. Usually, people are worried about the price of the relocation. They are afraid that the moving estimate will be one price, and the final price will be different. But with a reliable company, that has a lot of reviews – you do not have to worry about that. The answer to this question is simple. if your wine collection is big it is much better to hire professionals than to move them on your own. If your collection is small you can pack your wine collection and move it on your own.

What do you need to pack your wine collection?

Before you start packing your wine collection, you will need a lot of protecting materials. You might find tips that say that you can use towels and linens, but if you want to move your wine in one piece – you should get protective packing materials. You will need plastic wrap, packing peanuts, and boxes. When it comes to the boxes, there are different types, and depending on their type, you can choose a simple cardboard box, specialty box for glass bottles, and wooden boxes.

dusty wine cellar
Clean your wines before you pack them

Wooden boxes provide you with the most protection, and you can be sure that your wine bottles will arrive in one piece. Next, specialty moving boxes have dividers made from styrofoam. Regular cardboard boxes are the most common and the most affordable. You only need to be sure that you packed your wine collection correctly, and that there is no free space inside the box.

Where to start with wine packing?

Once you have chosen your moving boxes, and you gathered enough protective materials – you can start packing wine collection. There are a couple of things that you need to do:

  • Clean your wine bottles – before you put our wine bottles in the box, clean them. it will reduce the dust in your new home, and unpacking will be fast.
  • Don’t pack too many bottles in one box – usually, you can pack up to 6 bottles ina box, so do not overpack them. Especially if you plan to arrange them in your storage. Boxes that are too heavy will get damaged much easier.
  • Do not leave empty space in the box – It is important to make sure that there is no empty space in the box and no space between bottles. You can fill the space by packing peanuts, plastic wrap, etc.
  • Label the boxes –  The most important step is to label the boxes clearly. That way, your movers will know where to put the boxes with the wine collection.

Do you need a storage unit?

If you are moving long-distance, or to another country – renting a storage unit might be a wise choice. Your wine collection will be safe, and you won’t have to worry about it. Ideally, you should do your best to find a moving company that offers storage units as well since it can reduce your moving costs. But keep in mind that you need to rent a climate-controlled storage unit. Temperature changes can damage your wine. So it is better to rent a better storage unit than to damage your wine collection. Even if you are just storing them, you need to pack your wine collection with care.

bottles of red wine
Wine needs to be stored at a certain temperature and in a correct position

Be careful when you are packing your wine collection

When you start packing your wine collection you need to be very careful. Handle the bottles with care, because if they fall you might get hurt. Also, you should have a first aid kit nearby, just to be on the safe side. Also, when you start packing wines, make sure that your bottles with corks are packed horizontally. Of course, keeping a certain temperature in the moving truck is a must! And once you arrive at your new home, unpack your wines but do not open them for at least a week to avoid a condition known as loss of flavor.




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