How to pack your clothes without wrinkling them?

Packing GuideApril 24, 2021

One of the main issues while moving is that you may end up in a situation that you need to iron all of your clothes after you relocate them to your new home. Unless you are entrusting the packing of your clothes to one of the moving companies Columbus Ohio, it can be quite difficult to avoid wrinkling. However, there are a number of ways to make this process easier, from using packing folders and garment bags, to wrapping them carefully in a bundle and utilizing tissue paper and plastic wrap. In this article, we will cover these solutions, and how to utilize them to great effect to pack your clothes without wrinkling them.

Tips to pack your clothes without wrinkling them

And here are all of the solutions, in a list form:

  • Use packing folders
  • Use garment bags to pack your clothes without wrinkling them
  • Carefully wrap clothes in a bundle
  • Use tissue paper to pack your clothes without wrinkling them
  • Use plastic wrap to separate clothes from another

Of course, you can simply take your time while packing and give each individual piece of clothing the time and effort that it deserves. But that can take an inordinate amount of time, the time you can spend focusing on other matters. Your hands will be full, so to speak, and you may want to try and reduce the time it takes to pack. Even if you are storing your belongings in one of the storage units Columbus Ohio 43204, you may want to carefully pack them to prevent further work down the road. And having a few “props” will make the work much more manageable.

two people folding and packing an item
By utilizing proper packing materials, you will be able to avoid any wrinkling.

Use packing folders

To start with, packing folders are a great way to ensure that your nice clothes arrive without any wrinkles. These are bags that look like briefcases, which prevent any of your pants, dresses, and shirts from crumpling while in transport. They come in a variety of sizes but the standard one is 18″. They are extremely easy to use and can fit anywhere between eight and twelve clothing items. These folders are ideal if you are planning on using one of the self storage Columbus Ohio units. They are flat enough to fit inside luggage, as well, and you can fit a few of them in your suitcase. You can purchase them online, or at a specialty store. Make sure that you button up your garments and place them down on a flat surface while pressing them firmly. This will remove any wrinkles before you pack.

Use garment bags to pack your clothes without wrinkling them

Another great solution to use is a garment bag. These bags are specially made for the purpose of transporting clothes. They are incredibly easy to use and quite convenient. All you need to do is take your clothes, hangers and all, put them inside a garment bag and fold just once. This will allow you to put the bag inside a suitcase and avoided any wrinkles or creases. The only downside to these bags is that it might be difficult to carry them with you if you are flying to your new home.

But if you are utilizing a moving company to transport them, or storing them in residential storage Columbus Ohio, they are perfect for the job. The smallest bag is just around 22″ and the largest ones are much bigger than that. But they are an ideal way of packing a lot of your clothes and are easy to carry around.

clothes hanging on the clothes rack
With garment bags, you will not need to remove your clothes from their hangers.

Carefully wrap clothes in a bundle

If you have a bit more time on your hands, you can try bundling up your clothes. Bundle wrapping is a great way to ensure that no wrinkles appear on your apparel but it does require time and effort. The way that you do it is by balling up two pairs of socks inside a shirt, right in the middle of it. You then fold the shirt over, creating a “core” space that will be in the middle of the bundle. Following that, you will place a long-sleeve shirt, laying it out, and place the arms at the sides. The next shirt goes over it, face-up, making sure that the bottom of the second shirt is facing the opposite direction from the first one. Overlap the arms of the shirts.

After that, you will take some of your “heavier” items such as jackets and place them over the shirts you have already prepared. Pants and shorts come last, and you will lay them horizontally (pants) and vertically (shorts). The core that you made earlier goes in the middle of the pile and you will proceed to wrap all of the clothes around it, one by one.

This technique is best used for your essential items, as overpacking will reduce its effectiveness. You will still need to unpack everything manually but that should not be a problem if you have a bit of time on your hands.

Use tissue paper to pack your clothes without wrinkling them

Tissue paper can be used to a great effect, greatly reducing the wrinkles in your clothing. You want to place it inside the sleeves before you fold your shirts and jackets. Additionally, you can line the suitcases or boxes with it, and place a layer between each clothing piece. The reason why it helps is due to the slippery texture of the paper. It lowers the friction on the fabric, which helps reduce creases and wrinkles.

person cutting brown packing paper
Tissue paper is a great, cheap, solution to wrinkles.

Use plastic wrap to separate clothes from another

Lastly, you can use plastic wrap to cover your clothes and separate them from one another. The same friction mechanic applies, which will prevent wrinkles from forming. Place the sheet of plastic wrap in between each layer of clothing, for maximum effect.

By combining all of the above methods, it becomes easy to pack your clothes without wrinkling them. Also, make sure to pack your toiletries and shoes in separate bags (plastic ones with zippers work best) to remove any risk of your clothes getting damaged from them.



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