How to move in together after a long-distance relationship

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The moment has come. For real. After many months or years of living miles away from each other, you are moving in together. No more phone calls and time difference. So long, long-distance relationship! This is your happy ending, right? Slow down, not so fast. When you are in long distance relationship, you imagine that once you and your partner live in the same city or under the same roof everything will be rainbows and butterflies. But keep in mind that a relationship is a living entity, so even a positive change will have some side effects. How to move in together after a long distance relationship, you wonder. Here are a few tips to keep in mind while adjusting to life together.

couple that will move in together
Moving in together both a pleasure and a challenge.

Hire professionals to move in together with ease

To move in together is hard enough as it is. There is no need to do it on your own. Look for residential movers Columbus Ohio recommends, and make your relocation easier. At least logistically. This way you will have enough time and energy to focus on what really matters– your relationship.

Moving without living together first

Although you will initially want to see each other every waking second once you finally share the same home, it might be a smart idea to take things slow. If that is possible, start with moving to the same town, and then move in at a later date. Moving to your partner’s city in a step-by-step process can be the best choice. You can get a job and rent a place for a few months or even a year so you could see each regularly without all of a sudden being on top of their every move. Or your partner can do so. This allows the person who is new to the city to develop friendships, participate in activities, and create a routine before moving in together. It is extremely important to feel grounded and happy in your own life before you start sharing it with your partner.

Spend quality time together.

Keep it real

When you are tired of missing your partner and counting down the days until you see each other next, the concept of living together might seem like the best thing ever. And hopefully, it will be. However, while you will certainly have wonderful moments once you move in, you may also have your share of disappointments, too. And that is perfectly fine. That’s why you need to know the importance of setting realistic expectations. Living together will be different than you expect. Maybe for worse or for better—but simply acknowledging this will help ease the transition.

Share space

This step is very important if you are moving into your partner’s place or vice-versa. If you skip the decorating part, it can wind up feeling like you or your partners have just come to crash for a long period of time. Make an effort to make each other comfortable. Display your accomplishments, hang up photos of the two of you, toss out your old vacuum cleaner in favor of their new one or simply ask their opinion before hanging up a new piece of art.

Having a shared space will allow you both to feel more comfortable. It will be like you are sharing a life together rather than making room in an old one.

Try not to clutter your new place with all your belongings. Renting one of nice and cheap storage units Columbus Ohio offers is a much better option than starting your new life together in a messy apartment.

But also give each other space

This sounds like the antithesis of everything you feel and think now, right? However, keep in mind that both of you got pretty comfortable living separate lives. And while it’s amazing that physically your lives are now joined, you still probably aren’t used to having someone around all the time. Even if you don’t move in together right away, you risk smothering the other person. Making yourself at home too fast and too soon can do that. Even though you are both deeply, you should give each other some space. Hence, respect boundaries, don’t assume too much, and keep your communication open.

couple hugging
Keep the romance alive during the process!

Make it fun!

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the stress of moving, adjusting to a new place, and making your house a home. Don’t forget that you’re not just roommates – you’re dating. So, make time for the things you both enjoy and spend some quality time together! Talk about things that have nothing to do with moving and living together.

Take a break, go on a date, and enjoy each other’s company. This way, you will successfully move in together while keeping the romance alive!

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