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Storage PreparationJune 11, 2023

Whether you need to put some of your items into long-term storage or only need a unit temporarily until your new house is ready to move, we will help you come up with an efficient way to label the storage boxes. Create a system in a quite simple and straightforward way with the help of Zippy Shell Columbus moving experts. All you need to do is write the contents of the box or a container on a piece of paper. And you are going to tape it to the box. But we wouldn’t be writing this article if there weren’t some important specifics. After reading this, you will be able to avoid the troubles of rummaging through your rental storage unit. Knowing how to label your storage boxes and bins in the right way will make items much easier. So let’s begin labeling!

The importance of using storage solutions when moving

When it comes to moving, utilizing storage solutions can play a pivotal role in ensuring a smooth and organized transition. For instance, if you live in Lewis Center Ohio, and you want to move but downsize at the same time, storage units Lewis Center Ohio are a perfect solution. These storage solutions offer numerous benefits that can greatly simplify the moving process. Firstly, they provide a secure space to store your belongings during the relocation, safeguarding them from damage or loss. By keeping your items in a designated storage unit, you can avoid the chaos of packing and unpacking everything in a hurry.

A woman labeling boxes ready to be stored
Labeling boxes is important

Additionally, storage solutions allow you to declutter your current living space before the move, creating a more organized environment and reducing the overall volume of items to transport. This not only saves time but also cuts down on transportation costs. Also, storage facilities often provide flexible rental terms, enabling you to choose the duration that suits your moving timeline. Whether you need short-term storage during the transition or a long-term solution for excess belongings, utilizing storage solutions ensures that your possessions are safe, accessible, and ready for when you settle into your new home.

What else can you use storage units for?

Storage units serve as versatile solutions for various purposes beyond moving. Students, for instance, can benefit greatly from utilizing dorm room storage solutions. They often face challenges with limited dormitory or apartment space, especially during breaks or when transitioning between semesters. Storage units provide an ideal space to store their belongings during these periods, allowing them to free up space in their living quarters and avoid the hassle of moving items back and forth.

Moreover, storage units are useful for storing seasonal items such as winter clothing, sports equipment, or holiday decorations, freeing up space in homes or apartments. Businesses can also benefit from storage units by utilizing them as inventory storage or as a place to store excess equipment or files. Additionally, individuals undergoing home renovations or downsizing can temporarily store furniture and belongings in storage units until their living space is ready. Overall, storage units offer convenient and secure solutions for a wide range of storage needs, catering to the requirements of students, individuals, and businesses alike.

One of the storage units
Storage solutions have many purposes

What is the purpose of labeling boxes for storage?

Labeling boxes for storage serves a crucial purpose in maintaining organization, efficiency, and easy access to stored items. So, when you label the boxes, you want to:

  • Keep your items neatly organized;
  • Quickly and efficiently finding whatever you may need from the unit

To do so, you need to label your storage boxes in such an effective way that you know what is inside with just one look at the label. You should also immediately know how careful you should be when handling the bin or container. You don’t want to risk accidentally overturning a box full of breakables in your temporary warehouse space. Therefore, your labels should be clear, neat, legible, and unlikely to come off when moving the boxes around. But they should also be easy to edit or replace as necessary. You might need to add something to a box or take an item out. You might even end up changing all the contents of a storage bin over time.

How to label your storage boxes with durable labels?

Labeling storage boxes with durable labels is essential to ensure that the labels remain intact and readable throughout the storage period. Here are some tips to help you label the storage boxes with durable labels:

  • Gather appropriate labeling materials – you’ll need permanent markers, color labels, masking tape, clear packing tape, glue, and some tag holders.
  • Find a labeling system that will work best for you. Writing all the necessary information on a piece of white paper and sticking it to the storage box is all right. But a color code or a numeric system is a more efficient option. In any case, one of the systems will suit you best, and you should choose exactly that one.

The color code labeling system

Choose one color for one type of item. Use the chosen color to mark all items of the same category and every storage box that contains items of that category. For example, purple is for kids’ items, green for gardening tools, orange for kitchen accessories and cutlery, etc. If you leave Reynoldsburg, for example, and get back after some time for the things you’ve left in storage, it will be easy. The main benefit of the color code labeling system when using storage units Reynoldsburg Ohio is that it can help you find what you need extremely quickly and easily. If you are in need of some childhood memorabilia, you’ll be looking just at the purple-labeled boxes.

Markers of different colors to label your storage boxes
Use the color-coded system to label your storage boxes

Numeric labeling system

Each box gets a unique number and a separate spreadsheet document with all the contents of the boxes. And all the items from a certain box should have their own assigned number. This is very time-saving because you will only need to look at the box number to know what category of items it contains. Then you will check the master list for information about its contents. For example, one quick look at the checklist will tell you that your gardening tools are in box number 5. The greatest advantage of this way to label your storage boxes is that it allows for quick and easy changes.

Label the boxes in a clear way

If you leave Powell, but keep some items in one of the storage units Powell Ohio, you will definitely need those things at some point. So, mark the contents of the box in its entirety and as clearly as possible. Write down any relevant information – not only the categories of items inside the box but also their type or model, current condition, true purpose, or any other info that may be useful when you’re looking for a certain object. For example, instead of just writing “My shoes”, you may find it more efficient to write “Four pairs of high heels, black, red, and two silver pairs. In excellent condition but not comfortable. Never worn”. This way, you’ll know exactly which box to look into when you decide to wear them (finally) or get rid of them.

A woman labeling moving boxes
Don’t miss labeling each of the boxes

Write specific handling instructions

No matter which way you label your storage boxes, make sure you mark FRAGILE, THIS SIDE UP, or any other important handling instructions. Write them down directly on the box with a permanent red or black marker. For plastic storage bins or containers, stick large notes on them with very bold, visible handling instructions. remember, you can always opt for packing services Columbus Ohio, if you decide the process is too overwhelming.

How to label plastic storage containers?

It is wise to use plastic storage containers when packing items for long-term storage. They provide better protection against moisture, pests, and dirt. Since you will probably want to reuse your quality plastic storage bins, you will certainly need an efficient way to mark their contents so that the labels don’t stay forever. And they need to come off easily but also easily change when the time comes. Never use pencils for writing labels or dry-erase markers for plastic storage containers because they rub off very easily.

You have several good options for labeling plastic storage containers:

  • Apply blue painter’s tape as it doesn’t leave a residue.
  • Find label holders (or name tag holders) that allow you to slide a small card with information into the slot.
  • Use self-adhesive document pockets
A woman labeling  amoving box
When you are well-organized, labeling the boxes is simple

Labeling storage boxes is simple

You have seen that there are many ways to label your storage boxes, and they are all very simple. If you implement any of these methods, you will be successful in staying organized! It will also be very efficient if you hire Zippy Shell Columbus Movers to relocate your household or put items into storage. It is a full-proof way to keep your things in order! 

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