How to keep your pets safe during relocation

Before The MoveSeptember 1, 2021

Relocation is hard for us all. Don’t think it’s easy for pets. Remember, they feel our stress and anxiety. Thus, give them your full attention. Relocation will end. Still, your pets will always be there for you. Therefore, have Zippy Shell Columbus Moving and Storage take care of the move. On the other hand, keep your pets safe during relocation.

Get them familiar with the packing process

First of all, relax. Let them get used to the boxes and other packing supplies. Allow them to enter the boxes. That is to say, let them play. Still, our suggestion is to use moving services Columbus Ohio to accumulate more free time. Moreover, be consistent with their routine. No matter how busy you are, find time for playing and walking.

a cat in a cardboard box
Keep your pets safe during relocation. Create a positive atmosphere. Make sure your pets play and enjoy while you’re arranging the move.

Contact your vet to keep your pets safe during relocation

Above all, ask your pet for advice. Take records. Also, take any medical prescriptions if necessary. Moreover, try to find another vet in your new neighborhood. Not to mention, it’s crucial to find a pet-friendly neighborhood. Hence, be careful during your search for a new home.

Update information

One of the most relevant things is to update pets’ tags or microchips with the new addresses and phone numbers. Of course, you’ll guard your pets during the move. Still, it may happen that pets get lost during the move.

If possible, let them travel with you

In case you’re traveling by car, take your pet with you. Your things will remain safe in a storage company Columbus Ohio. Thus, devote yourself to your pet friends. In case they’re not used to the car, change that rapidly. Drive them a few blocks from time to time. Also, get them familiar with a pet carrier. You must keep the animals safe during the move. Therefore, put the carrier in the back seat. Secure it with a seatbelt. On the other hand, bigger animals can go in the kennel in the back of the car.

The moving day demands more attention

Finally, when the long-awaited day comes, don’t allow moving with pets to become a disaster. First, take them for a walk. Let them exercise in order to be calm during the rest of the day. Then, keep them away.

  • Keep them in an empty bedroom.
  • Or a garage.
  • Or else, use the help of a friend.

After all, they can easily run away while you’re distracted with the boxes, movers, and other obligations.

keep yopur pet safe during relocation like this couple taking their dog for a walk in the park
We all know you’re preoccupied with the relocation. Still, avoid changing your pet’s routine.

After a safe relocation, enjoy your new home

Overall, keep your pets safe during relocation. Yes, you have lots on your mind. Still, those little pets are your best friends. Make sure to keep their routine consistent. Prepare everything they need for relocation. Relax them as much as you can. Moreover, reduce stress since animals feel everything.


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