How to declutter your dorm room?

How toMarch 10, 2021

Moving to college was something that you went through some time ago, and you kept your room tidy for quite a while. But, over time, you started piling up things that you don’t really need at all. So, you need some new dorm room storage solutions where you can store them all and we are there to help you with tips and tricks. It’s not hard to keep the track of your belongings and things that you need or don’t need, so remember that keeping the track of your belongings can be crucial. You will have nothing to worry about once you declutter your dorm room, and you will be just fine when you are done. Your room will look lovely.

It’s important that you keep your dorm room clean and tidy

Dorm rooms are created and imagined in such a way that you have a place to stay and study. So, overcrowding it with all kinds of items is not smart at all. You will have too many things keeping your space and you will surely feel the need to declutter one way or another. No matter how much you like the things you have, you will feel much better once you have more free space in your dorm room. With Zippy Shell Greater Columbus, there is nothing for you to worry about. We can move you and help you declutter your room and take the items you don’t need back to your home or to your storage unit.

a boy in a dormroom
You will enjoy your dorm room much better if it’s tidy

Dorm rooms are still just rooms and they should be used as intended. There is simply not enough space for everything to fit inside. That is why you should simply only keep the things you need there. For example, clothes should be stored if you don’t need them and not kept in your room. If it’s summer, store your winter clothes, and do the same with your summer clothes during the winter. Once you don’t need some of your books anymore, get rid of them as well. This goes for everything else as well.

How can you declutter your dorm room?

Starting with cleaning your dorm room won’t be easy at all, but you have to organize and start somewhere. That means that you should never keep your room crowded for longer than you have to. You will avoid feeling bad and closed up every time you come home. So, start decluttering your dorm room by following our instruction:

  • Organize and take your time
  • Make sure that you organize your belongings into piles
  • If needed, get a storage unit
  • Do the same with a moving company that can move things for you
  • Pack everything
  • You are now clutter-free!

This is easy, yet organized way to take care of your dorm room without wasting your time. You just need to start and you will be done on nop time. There are some things that can help you do it easier, like the one-year rule. If there is an item that you owned for one year or more and haven’t used it in that time, it can go. Even if you used it before, but for the last year, it stood unused, it’s time to get rid of it. Student moving services are a great choice for this event as well.

a moving box
Pack all the things you don’t need now, but might need later, and store them

You will do just fine!

So, you need to organize your decluttering and make sure you have enough time to take care of it. So, leave one weekend to do this, for example. You will have no issues with dealing with all of this in that time period. Make sure you have some help too, no matter if it’s your friends or your family, or even professional movers. You will need some extra hands. Once you know when you want to do this, get to work! Make piles of things, deciding them into piles of things you want to keep, things you want to throw out, give away, and even donate! You will get rid of things that you don’t need, and you will feel much better at the same time!

When you know what are things that you need to get out of your room, you should simply pack them and get them out. If there is a small number of items that you don’t need, you can do this by yourself, but if you want to make sure that a lot of thongs get out, you should have some help with you. You can even hire a moving company to help you move these items out of your home if needed. This is the fastest and easiest way to get rid of the clutter. Taking the things to your home or to a storage unit or just throwing them in the trash is the next step that will help you have everything tidy once more.

A clean dorm room
Enjoy your clean room!

You are ready to have a tidy room once more!

When you are done with decluttering your dorm room, you can be sure that you will love it more than ever! Once this is done, you should make sure you keep it tidy for as long as possible. Don’t keep the items you don’t really need there and make sure you have a storage unit nearby you can use to store the items you don’t need at the moment. When the seasons change, change the boxes with clothes from your home or your unit as well. You need to keep your dorm room uncluttered for as long as possible, so you have to unclutter as few times as possible as well. There is nothing to worry about, you will do more than fine once you declutter your dorm room.

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