How to cool down during a summer relocation

Moving Day TipsJuly 5, 2021

Warm days are ahead of us – meteorologists announce that next week will be “hot as in hell” because a new heatwave is coming. And if you need to move, this may just be harder than usual. But don’t worry, your movers Columbus will show you how to cool down during a summer relocation All you need to know are a few tricks to help you survive the heat more easily.

Is there an easy way to cool down during a summer relocation?

If you are wondering is there an easy way to cool down during a summer move, the answer depends on different factors. If there is unbearable heat on your moving day, maybe you can use the option of storage containers Columbus Ohio. In this way, you can move your items later on.

a woman carrying boxes thinking how to cool down during a summer relocation
When it comes to hot summer days, it is necessary to increase water intake.

Nothing without water

You probably know that we need to take in sufficient quantities of water, regardless of the season. The recommended amount of water is (minimum) about 1.5 liters, but when it comes to hot summer days, it is necessary to increase water intake. And there are ways to learn how to drink enough water. Whether your favorite is carbonated, slightly carbonated or non-carbonated water, it is necessary to take it in sufficient quantities, every day.

Pay attention to hydration

In fact, pay attention to urine – if you drink enough water, your urine will be light yellow. Take plenty of fluids and carry a bottle with you wherever you go. In addition, be careful not to eat some heavy meals. Fruit and salads are a great choice, and watermelon, for example, can cool you down. What is also recommended is that water should not be cold. We rarely follow this rule, but it is not a rule without a reason. So when you go to the nearest beverage discount store, feel free to choose the water that is not from the fridge. If the facility has air conditioning (and it certainly does), water will be ideal to drink immediately.

Avoid alcohol

Alcohol will dehydrate you three times faster, and neither coffee nor tea will really help you hydrate. So, it is best to stick to water!

a couple holding moving boxes
We will show you how to cool down during a summer relocation.

Don’t forget the snacks

If it’s too hot when you relocate, maybe you can consider getting professional packing services. Either way, it often happens that the pressure drops due to high temperatures. It is necessary to prevent this, by respecting drinking water first (as we said). But also by not forgetting to bring certain foods into our body. Bring snacks in your bag and it is important that they are at your fingertips.

Wear “big” underwear

Moving day is certainly a stressful event. Luckily, you can always get a free estimate and plan your relocation in advance. And when you move and it’s hot outside, you need to be comfortable. Ladies, it would be wise to at least temporarily forget about thongs and wear plain cotton underwear. Like the ones from the Bridget Jones diary. Cotton boxers are also the most recommended for men.

Wear a cap or a hat

Apart from the fact that it can look great and additionally beautify your styling, it will protect you from the sun. Also, wear sunglasses to protect your eyes.

Don’t forget the sunscreen

Do not go outside before applying sun protective cream! It is best to use the one with SPF 30, minimum. And make sure you get out of the sun between 11 am and 4 pm, if possible.

Cover yourself

Wear light, loose-fitting clothes, preferably with long sleeves and legs. Cotton absorbs sweat, so it will cool you down faster. And it is good to wear clothes of lighter colors because dark ones attract heat, so it will only worsen sweating.

“Make” an air conditioner

If you have a fan, cool down by placing an ice bucket or a frozen bottle in front of it, so the room will cool down better.

Let the air circulate

While you pack, keep the windows closed and let the curtains and blinds be drawn, and in the evening, ventilate the rooms.

Take a shower with lukewarm, not cold water

Showering with cold water may sound tempting when it is hot and you may feel comfortable at the moment, but it reduces blood flow to the skin, which is why the body receives a signal that you are cold and increases the temperature to warm up. If you need to cool down fast, rub the wrist with an ice cube or place it under a stream of cold water.

Turn off any electronic devices

Light bulbs, computers, and other devices release heat and heat the room, so it is best to turn them off before you pack.

Have an ice cream

At least temporarily forget about dieting and enjoy ice cream. It will cool you down, and the sugar will “lift” you up a bit – you already know how heat can stun and drain your energy.

Take care during relocation. Headaches, dizziness, rapid heartbeat, can be signs of heatstroke.

Wear socks

Although almost no one wears socks in the summer, according to Chinese medicine, the feet should be kept warm and the head cold, in order to regulate the temperature. So maybe it’s not bad to try to sleep in socks.

In the end – take care

Headaches, dizziness, rapid heartbeat, can be signs of heatstroke. In that case, the person should cool down during a summer relocation as soon as possible. If you find yourself in such a situation you should lie down, and drink plenty of fluids. If you do not feel better even after 30 minutes, you should seek medical attention. Good luck!

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