Portable Storage Can Make Your Move Even Easier

UncategorizedFebruary 29, 2016

Storage needs differ for everyone. Whether you need space for a single room or an entire house, Zippy Shell changes how you move and store your items. There’s no need to pack up your car or rent a truck and drive to a traditional storage unit when you can move them right into a Zippy Shell parked in your driveway.

Zippy Shell is a simple portable storage and moving solution that works with your lifestyle and comes directly to you. Instead of hauling your items to a far-away storage building, carry them right outside and load them into your unit instead.

If you’re not familiar with portable storage or just aren’t sure about it, keep reading to see how it can make your move easier than ever.


Standard brick and mortar storage facilities often provide 24-hour storage solutions, but they aren’t portable. Renting a traditional storage unit includes a lot of wear and tear on your vehicle as you drive it back and forth.

There’s always the option to rent a moving truck instead, but at all that does is add additional cost to your storage bill and limits the time to you have to move and organize all your items.

A portable storage unit, on the other hand, is delivered to you and placed in your driveway or front yard. This allows you to move items at your own leisure and in your own time for one low price.


Many standard storage units maintain late hours, but are located in vacant or isolated locations, so your storage runs are limited to safer daylight hours. Rather than the unit coming to you and making one move, you pack up your vehicle and then unpack it again once you get to the storage unit causing double the work.

Portable self-storage companies deliver storage shells right to your front door. Placed in your driveway, or anywhere you need the shell, you have a few days to load it. When you’re finished, Zippy Shell picks it up and transports it to a safe and secure climate controlled location all for one low fee. You can call your unit back anytime you need to add or remove items.

It really is that simple. The convenience of not having to leave home and having as much time as you need to get your things packed is one of the great benefits of portable storage.


Reinforced steel portable storage units are weatherproof, damage proof and tamper resistant. Equipped with secure lock boxes to prevent theft, units are great for storing sensitive records, expensive equipment and other personal valuables.

Regular storage units in traditional buildings react to temperature changes in the air. Storage rooms are porous, allowing condensation to affect the items inside. Plus, the aluminum doors can be easy to break into with only a small padlock to keep a thief out.


Storage unit prices vary greatly, but on average portable units cost a dollar less per square foot of storage space per month than traditional units. Even with the delivery and drop off fee, you save money using portable storage.


And you can save even more when you try Zippy Shell this month. We’re offering $40 off your storage rental and 50 percent off the content protection package. Call today and mention this ad to receive this great offer when you reserve your personal shell.

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