3 creative ways of using your student storage

After the moveSeptember 12, 2021

Being a student is not easy. For most people that is basically the rite of passage as they, for the first time as grownups, have to commit long term to a certain cause. One of the most interesting parts of life as a student is moving to a dorm. It is a chance to socialize with people from all parts of the country, and often with many international students. It is never not an experience that in one way or another enriches one’s life. However, once the movers from whichever of the best moving companies Columbus Ohio you have hired unload your belongings and leave, you will be left to fend for yourself. It is going to be very important how you use your room, so here are 3 creative ways of using your student storage.

Use the bed, or rather, the space under it

Beds are one of the key items that make a student’s room. One of the things that is most common regarding dormitory beds is that they often have space under them. That space is something you can and should use. By this, we do not mean pushing your dirty clothes there. You can use it to store larger items like suitcases, books and other things. You can get a hold of some fitting boxes in which you can store whatever it is you need to store and then simply keep them under the desk. The space under the bed is easily one of the best dorm room storage solutions you can think of.

person on a bed
Beds often have a lot of space under them

Do you want more creative ways of using your student storage? Use the doors

If you are in need of dorm room movers for moving away from your home, you are likely going to be living in a rented place. Often what happens in such situations is that landlords do not permit putting up shelves or hooks. As a consequence, there can be a lot of space that you cannot use staring you in the face. A great way to compensate is to use the doors instead. There are many products out there that you can use to turn your doors into a place for hanging things. Over the door hooks are a good example of this. You can hang not just clothes, but also potentially smaller bags with some lighter items.

Using wardrobe as much as possible is one of the creative ways of using your student storage
You have to be resourceful and find creative ways of using your student storage

Wardrobes can offer more than may meet the eye

Of course, wardrobes are one of the most obvious places to store things. While we use them for storing clothes, they can function as storage for other items as well. Firstly, the space on top of the wardrobe can be quite a great space-saver. A couple of boxes can easily fit there. Secondly, besides the top part, you can also use the bottom of the wardrobe in the same way. If this worries you that it may seem not that pretty, you can always use some nicer boxes.

If you feel tired of thinking of creative ways of using your student storage and want to avoid the most tedious task of all, there is a solution. You can opt for packing services and save yourself some time for an activity that sounds more fun.


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